Ma Li Ping Chinese text book

For the Chinese parents who want to teach Chinese to their children at home, Ma Li Ping is definitely the textbook to go-go. I have recommended the text book to several friends, and they all appreciate it a lot.
The set includes the textbook, a CD of interactive program, three homework books(two regular and one for summer) and character cards. The set is self-sufficient so the parents can follow the curriculum with ease.
I have been trying to find a weekend Chinese school that uses this text book but no luck. My 6 year old daughter now is learning Chinese at home by following Ma Li Ping textbook for second Grade. It is so much fun learning that when She sits in front of the computer doing Ma Li Ping homework, my 3 year old son fights with her so he can get the seat. As a matter of fact, my son can read “小蝌蚪找妈妈” “白菜的故事” etc very fluently. And I swear he does recognize the characters!
Here is the link to purchase the text book.
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